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Dance, love, sing and live in the moment

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I love Today’s Bright Spark contributed by Carmen (see column right).  I have read it so many times that this morning when Carmen sent her selected quote, I just said “Oh that again” and proceeded with my other e-mails.  Then I decided to stop, read again and really consider what it means. “Dance like no […]

Free and laughing: Making abstract concepts real

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“I read your blog because, I like how you take abstract concepts and make them very real and relatable to our moment to moment living” – Nerak Ami I am so happy with this feedback, for this is exactly what I intended when I started this blog, and continue with every post.  There are so […]

The Daisy mug

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My mom’s name was Daisy.  Marguerite, my name, is French for Daisy.   I have always loved that she named me after her in a very unique way. One Christmas Rev. John, her dear friend and spiritual advisor, gave her a beautiful mug with daisies on it.  She loved that mug.  And on her passing, I […]

11 ways that I use journaling

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My Latin teacher in high school would drill into us the importance of writing things down, pointing out that when you write something you commit it to memory.  I therefore developed the habit of writing down my thoughts in my teen years.  Journaling is one of the most valuable techniques for consciousness and awareness.  It […]

How to BE free and laughing – an update from Nadine

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I received this beautiful note from a friend, Nadine, this morning and wanted to share what happens in your life when you are “free and laughing”! Hi Marguerite! Just wanted to share that I’ve been full-joying your blog posts and love the new site. It’s so bright and cheerful. Do you remember when I asked […]

How to change a deadline to a “liveline”

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I wrote this blog last June – in my state of bliss, and celebration of my revelation, I never posted it.  I found it while clearing out my papers last night and thought I would share it with you – for the lessons are still applicable. A major deadline of June 30 was looming.  As […]

How to choose your feelings – and be free!

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“You are annoying me” said my teenaged daughter to me the other night.  I hear this often nowadays and I understand it’s quite common in parent/teen relationships. “I am not annoying you.  You choose to be annoyed by me” I quipped. “Well, you are annoying” she retorted as she headed to the sanctuary of her […]

What’s keeping us from catching the squirrel?

October 18, 2009 by  
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The squirrel chase resumed in dogged earnestness (pun intended) this morning.  The dogs know the spots where they are most likely to meet squirrels, so we now have a set route for the morning walk.  I follow their lead. As I tried my best to keep up with them, being dragged at Bolt-like speed when […]

In futile pursuit of squirrels

October 17, 2009 by  
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Nowadays, my dogs can’t wait to get outside for a walk.  I realize that for them it is less about doing their “thing” and more about sighting and chasing the numerous squirrels that inhabit our complex.  As the doggies set out on their squirrel-hunt, mama Cloud in the lead, you can see the anticipation in […]

What do you fear? There’s a name for it ……

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I subscribe to’s  “Word of the Day”.  Yesterday’s word fascinated me: triskaidekaphobia \tris-ky-dek-uh-FOH-bee-uh\, noun: Fear or a phobia concerning the number 13. I had never heard this word before, and couldn’t believe that this fear is so prevalent that there is a special word to describe it.  Intrigued by this idea, I googled “names […]

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