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How would you like to live in a happy city?

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How do we get a happy city? This was the essential theme of an address by Rahul Bhardwaj, the CEO of Toronto Community Foundation (TCF) at a Ramsay Talks luncheon yesterday.   Rahul was there ostensibly to present the Vital Signs 2012 Report on Toronto as a liveable city.  Instead, he upped the ante and posited […]

Second Cup at Yonge and Eglinton

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One of the things I love is to find businesses that are free and laughing! A few weeks ago I met my friend Trecia for coffee at Second Cup on Yonge and Eglinton (40 Eglinton East to be exact) in Toronto. As I was standing there waiting to place my order, I noticed how happy […]

Oneness – “We are all saying the same thing” – One Love

“We are all saying the same thing” Louise Hay declared in her opening address at the I CAN DO IT conference in Toronto.  She was introducing the line-up of luminaries who would be addressing us throughout the day, and reminding us that all of them are saying the same, basic thing.  Speaker after speaker reminded […]

Becoming the Next Top Spiritual Author – Lessons from the video experience

3 weeks ago I entered a competition to find the Next Top Spiritual Author.  It was one of these “coincidences” where I had signed up for an e-mail newsletter the week before, and notification of this competition came soon after.  I IMMEDIATELY logged on and entered. That was the easy part. Then came the journey.  […]

Toronto will be free and laughing!

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Free and Laughing Workshop at Ryerson I am SO excited!  My very first Free and Laughing workshop in Canada is happening! On Saturday March 20, I will be facilitating a 1-day workshop at the Chang School at Ryerson University in their Programs for 50+ What a day it will be – joy, laughter, fun – […]

All is good today – and always

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Imagine returning on New Year’s Day to Toronto (-10 Celsius) from 12 days in Jamaica (+30 Celsius) to find that the radiator in your home is not working!  Remember, this is a public holiday, with nowhere open.  You do not know how to get the radiator fixed, as you have never had to have a […]

Wherever you go, good manners will keep you free and laughing!

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“You frightened me” squealed the lady early Saturday morning.  I was on my way to class and was walking out of my complex.  She was ahead of me, but I was a tad late so I was walking faster.  As I overtook her, I singsonged “Goodd morrningggg”.  She jumped – frightened that a stranger would […]