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One of the sagest pieces of advice I ever received was from the reknown transformational guru Anthony Robbins. In a seminar I attended he said, “Never question someone’s intentions”. When we question others intentions, all we are doing is making up our own stories about what we think their intentions are. We are trying to make […]

“There is nothing as compelling as the human spirit on fire”

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The above quote is from Tony Robbins, the infamous transformation guru.  This came to me as I read Douglas Robson’s blog which features an extensive interview with Newton Marshall, the first Jamaican to enter the Iditarod race in Alaska.  I met Newton at the launch of the Jamaica Dogsled Team in Toronto last fall.  His […]

11 ways that I use journaling

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My Latin teacher in high school would drill into us the importance of writing things down, pointing out that when you write something you commit it to memory.  I therefore developed the habit of writing down my thoughts in my teen years.  Journaling is one of the most valuable techniques for consciousness and awareness.  It […]