Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Not complaining, just observing

“It’s hotter outside than in the studio” I declared to David, my Bikram yoga teacher as I checked in for the noon class. “But I am not complaining” I added without pause “Just observing” remembering days not too long past of trudging to yoga in -31 degree weather. What’s the difference between a complaint and an observation? “It’s […]

“It’s not so terrible after all” – how to live like Alice

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A friend shared with me a video clip “Alice Dancing Under the Gallows” of 106 year old Alice Herz-Sommer.  Alice is the oldest living Holocaust survivor.   She credits her survival of the Holocaust to her music, as she was sent to a special camp – a “purgatory for artists and musicians”.  “I used to play […]

No complaints – 6 ways to live a complaint-free, grace-filled life!

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Everyday, everywhere we go, we are surrounded by complaints. People complain about everything – the weather is a popular starting point for a conversation: in Canada, people complain about the cold; in Jamaica people complain about the heat.  We complain about the government.  We complain about people with whom we have passing interactions i.e. strangers.  […]