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And the Oscar goes to ….. “The Lady in Number 6“!

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What joy to celebrate the life of my dear friend, Alice Herz-Sommer, along with the rest of the world! For last night, the documentary on her life “The Lady in Number 6: How Music Saved My Life” won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject. I have written about Alice in previous blogposts, as she is […]

How does one live to be 109 years old?

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My friend, Alice Herz-Sommer knows how. She’s my friend, even though I have never met her. For whenever I see her photograph or a YouTube clip I feel a connection born out of our shared love of life, of laughter, of living. She is exactly who I want to be when I “grow up”. I blogged about Alice […]

“It’s not so terrible after all” – how to live like Alice

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A friend shared with me a video clip “Alice Dancing Under the Gallows” of 106 year old Alice Herz-Sommer.  Alice is the oldest living Holocaust survivor.   She credits her survival of the Holocaust to her music, as she was sent to a special camp – a “purgatory for artists and musicians”.  “I used to play […]