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Marguerite is a HuffPost Blogger – and her “gladbag buss”!

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There’s a saying in Jamaica “Mi gladbag buss” which means “I am overflowing with joy.” And that’s exactly how I feel now that I am a Huffpost blogger. Here’s my first post: From JOB to JOY: How to Find JOY at Work, No Matter What Your Job Is Please feel free to comment, share widely […]

True Leadership

My sister Carole studied dance, unlike my brother and me who went to the pinnacle of business success with MBAs from Harvard Business School. Yet throughout her working life, Carole has quietly made a difference as a leader in our family businesses and working for others. For many years she ran Best Regards, our greeting […]

From JOB to JOY

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From JOB to JOY! It’s only one letter, yet it’s a huge chasm for many people. JOB denotes drudgery, boredom, suffering, penury, lack of freedom, painful necessity – everything that’s totally antithetical to joy. For many people, moving from JOB to JOY just doesn’t seem possible. Yet it is. Retirement is one route. Stay in […]

3 questions to ask yourself to empower your life!

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask” – Anthony Robbins What questions do you ask yourself? Are they questions like: Why did this have to happen to me? Why does nothing good ever come my way? What is wrong with me? Questions like these elicit responses that […]


The recent collapse of a building in Bangladesh that housed a number of garment factories, and which resulted in the loss of life of over 1,100 people has horrified me. Entire families have been devastated at the altar of capitalism. Yes, they badly need the jobs, which is why so many of them went to […]

Organizational transformation – and Physics

I was totally lost in my Physics class in high school. I just could not understand it at all. I really thought that physics was about numbers (I was lost in Math as well – I thought that it too was only about numbers). I have since struggled with Math and Stats at university (took […]

Executive Presence

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“Executive Presence” – what do those words conjure? Designer suits? Swiss watches? Tumi luggage? Private aircraft? Men and women who are confident, polished and accomplished? I had an opportunity to explore this a few months ago in a wonderful workshop facilitated by two of the most delightful ladies you could ever hope to meet – […]

Hold your form

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I am still reveling in the achievements of our Olympic athletes in the summer of 2012. In particular, the 200m Men’s Final! Jamaicans Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake were expected to be Gold and Silver. But then Warren Weir, a young, wiry sprinter, also from Jamaica, did the most amazing thing – he won the […]

Business or pleasure?

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“Business or pleasure” the Immigration Officer at the airport asked me. “Well, I really don’t know” I responded, as I pondered what to choose when your work is your pleasure. How interesting that a view of work as non-pleasure should be so pervasive that it makes it’s way on every Immigration form of every country, […]

Are you indispensable?

Have you ever got the feeling that someone believes they are indispensable? Have you ever heard people say things like: I am the only one who can do this job Without me, this project/team/organization would fail So and so cannot live without me Everything depends on my being there “It” (event, project, job) can’t start […]

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