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Just do you

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I was there in the Estabio Olimpico in Rio when Usain Bolt-Ed his way into legenddom, winning each of his 3 gold medals. I witnessed Elaine Thompson win her 2 golds and a relay silver as well as Shelley-Anne Fraser-Pryce conquering her biggest opponent – her injured big toe to win the bronze medal 100m run and anchor the relay team to silver. So much inspiration, so many reminders that greatness and world domination do not belong only to the 1st World. It’s there in each of us, no matter where we are born.

“B” stands for “better”

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“Fort Clarence as I land!” I messaged my pals, the techie and the yogi. Fort Clarence Beach (in Kingston Jamaica) is a standard item on my Jamaica agenda for our troika. My flight had touched down in Kingston at 4.00 a.m. We were on our way by 10.00 a.m.

The joy of puttering

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Last Sunday, I puttered. I had returned late Saturday night from a hectic work-week in St. Lucia, and after a 5 hour flight, was quite exhausted. I wanted a day not just to “do nothing” as frankly, doing nothing is a great challenge to me. But puttering? Now that’s my type of day! Happy to […]

Insights from destruction

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I stared at the circa 1984 Canon calculator, trying to decide how to begin the process of pulling it apart. This was my task in a workshop I attended at Mindcamp ( I had chosen the calculator out of a pile of obsolete machines because it looked so basic and simple. I remember well using […]

Do One Thing At A Time

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“Don’t text and drive. It can wait” – the heartbreaking words from the mother of a child seriously injured in an accident caused by a woman who was texting and driving. PLEASE watch the video in its entirety. And then take action, or take fewer actions and do one thing at a time. “One thing […]


  Like millions of people the world over, you are probably thinking about or actually engaged in setting New Year’s resolutions. Forget last year, the goals you send and didn’t achieve (yet again). This is is a NEW year, the year when things WILL change for you. Or so we all say. We are bombarded […]

Before Leadership 101 – your personal vision, mission and values

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Do you have a personal vision for your life?  Do you have a personal mission statement and are you absolutely clear on your personal values? As a leader, it is likely that you have a vision for your organization along with clear mission and values statements.  This is par for the course in nearly all […]

Manners – the foundation for great leadership?

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“Good morning” “Please” “Thank you”   How often to do you say these words at work (indeed in your entire life – but that is the subject of another blog)?  And how genuine are you?    When you ask a team member “How are you today” – do you REALLY want to know? Have you ever […]

Clean bathroom and toilet paper

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My friend in Connecticut posted on her Facebook page after Hurricane Irene: Let me stop complaining for the lack of electricity as I had water!! Several friends of mine has well water and what that means is they need power to bring the water from the well. Sorry to say they still do not have […]

Are our choices really that simple?

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I love Facebook conversations.  They lead to the most interesting places.  Here is one that really resonated with me, and got me thinking (and taking action):   My Status: “And there I am, sipping a $4.95 Mochaccino, and 600,000 Somalian children are dying of starvation ….”   FACEBOOK FRIEND RC: Rid yourself of the guilt…you’re […]

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