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I asked a new question … and magic happened

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I travelled 138 days in 2016. I had a great time living bold and wandering far, working with my clients throughout the Caribbean, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, trekking through India and celebrating superhuman feats at the Rio Olympics. But I gained 10 lbs, was inconsistent with exercise and sleep was elusive. I brimmed with joy to be home for 6 entire weeks in October/November. I exercised every day, got minimum 7 hours sleep most nights and nourished my body with wholesome food. I felt great. Then I was back on the road, and all the goodness of the 6-week hiatus was left on the tarmac at the Pearson airport.

After my first trip for this new year (yes, I have already done one and am, as I write this, on my second), I felt the frustration of abandoned habits and decided, no, I set an intention that once and for all I would experience the best possible fitness and health. I knew what I had to do, I knew that whenever I did it I felt great. Yet I just couldn’t get those habits embedded into my life every single day (like brushing my teeth). Something was holding me back – what was it? I took a deep dive into my mind and I realised that I was viewing travel as a hindrance. So I asked myself a new question: “What is stopping me from maintaining great health habits when I am travelling?” And my answer was:

“Marguerite, when you travel you have no home distractions such as feeding and walking of dogs, supermarket shopping, laundry and whatever else the responsibilities of home entail. And delicious meals are prepared for you whenever you want. it is actually easier to maintain great health habits when you travel.”

Lightbulb! I never thought of it this way, but I now realise that when I travel, I have more of the most limited of resources – TIME! With this mindset shift, my actions immediately shifted and I:

  • Booked the shortest flight possible – direct, or at the most, 1 stop. The extra cost is worth it in time and stress saved. I had a choice between flying to Antigua on Monday via Barbados, which would have been a 12-hour journey or a direct 4.5-hour flight on Sunday. I reorganised my home commitments and chose Sunday (plus I got an extra day in gorgeous Antigua)
  • Checked out the hotel website to see what exercise facilities were available. Once I got to the hotel in Antigua I was in the lap pool within the hour, as I knew it was there and had planned for it.
  • Used the time on the plane to meditate. I mean, I am sitting – so why not sit mindfully for 20 minutes right there?
  • No matter how early I must be at my workshop, I have arisen early enough to get in a 20-minute walk up and down the rolling hills of Antigua.

Just by asking myself a different, more empowering question, my actions have changed (watch out for the results in a few months time) – with ease, grace and joy.

So I ask you, what problem are you facing that you just don’t seem to be able solve? What are you affirming about it? Try viewing it in the opposite way – note that in my case “My exercise routine and good eating habits go out the window when I travel” shifted to “travel is actually a great time for my exercise routine and good eating habits.” Ask yourself “How can I?” rather than saying “I just can’t.” Like magic, you will.

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4 Responses to “I asked a new question … and magic happened”
  1. You are so correct. Ask the right question and magic happens.


  2. Lindy says:

    Great article. I’ve used the same excuses recently and you are quite right, one can always look for good food when travelling and most hotels have a fitness room!

  3. Marguerite Orane says:

    Thanks Lindy. Yes – good food is quite easy to find. And there’s the hotel gym, streets, and I have a travel yoga mat. All that was missing was … a mindset shift.

    Abundant blessings


  4. Marguerite Orane says:

    Thanks Leahcim. Life is all about asking the right questions – but first we have to figure out what they are. That’s where the fun and learning are.

    Abundant blessings