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My perfect ink-stained new bag

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stain in handbagMy new handbag is perfect.
The bling-gold complements everything in my wardrobe.
It’s large enough to hold my Macbook Air (non-negotiable for all new handbags).
The straps are long enough to fit easily under my arm, but not too long that the bag drags on the ground when held in my hands.
There are pockets for make-up, cell phone, pens ….

Pens. As instructed by the flight crew on my return flight from my second trip abroad after receiving this beautiful gift, I put away everything in preparation for landing. Next morning, I opened my bag and discovered ink stains all over the lining. My pen had leaked. My new bag was ruined.

I was very upset that the bag was spoiled, but more so with myself for being so careless. But, in typical Marguerite-style, I went into fix-it mode. First stop? Google of course. “Bag cleaning in Toronto” revealed a number of options, including one where I could get an online quote. Within 24 hours I learned that the bag could be cleaned at an estimated cost of $104.00. Uh oh … that’s a lot of money to clean the INSIDE of a new bag.

Plan B: I checked in with the Michael Kors store and they suggested I take it to a dry cleaner. Great – there’s one right opposite my home. I dropped it off and prepared to collect it in two weeks. Alas … the dry cleaner called after a few days to advise that they cannot clean it.

Plan C? I breathed. And wrote in my gratitude journal:

“I celebrate and am grateful for the blessing of Divine Right Action in cleaning my MK bag. I accept my beautiful bag as it is. It is still beautiful. It is still a beloved gift from my beloved. It is perfect”.

One month later, I am happily using my beautiful bag every day. It is perfect. What changed? Not the ink stain – it’s still there, although I hardly notice it. I changed. And that changed everything.


10 Responses to “My perfect ink-stained new bag”
  1. Sandra Taylor Wiggan says:

    Your bag, my big toes. Once I realized I was stuck with them for life, I love them, decorate them and treat them so well, I forget how ugly they are – were!

  2. Marguerite Orane says:

    And I am sure your big toes are just GORGEOUS – must be, with so much love showered on them!

    Blessings in abundance


  3. Andrea Orane says:

    As your beloved “go-to” cousin for ALL things “bag”, there’s another way to remove ink (IF you decide to “purse”-sue (ha ha.. Couldn’t resist!)
    Try a little HAIRSPRAY to remove ink!

    Test first on cotton bud. Keep applying until it ink lifts off.

    Anyway, keep enjoy the bag — inky or not

    Andrea aka “Madda Bag”

  4. Marlo Facey-Young says:

    I was really holding my breath and hoping that you found a way to clean the bag. I was greatly disappointed when I realized it didn’t work. Then I started smiling again when you declared that you still believed the bag was precious and treat it as such.

    That’s how it should be with some disappointments in life. If you try everything to fix the problem to no avail, you should accept that there are flaws but life is just as precious and should be treated as such.

    Wonderful message Marguerite 🙂

  5. Marguerite Orane says:

    One of my readers shared 5 lessons from this experience – yes, I agree!

    Lesson #1
    There is beauty in imperfection

    Lesson #2
    When you have exhausted all the options…give it up and breathe

    Lesson #3
    Embrace the new norm…could be the start of a new trend – tie / dye anyone?

    Lesson #4
    Gratitude – could have been that one only had a Loblaw plastic bag to travel with

    Lesson #5
    Give a big hug and kiss …again….to the person who gifted the bag

  6. Marguerite Orane says:

    Thanks Marlo. Yes, that’s the message. I just realised that it was not worth the angst. And that’s life.



  7. Marguerite Orane says:

    Now why didn’t I contact you the MINUTE it happened???? May try it (but have to go buy hairspray).

    Love always


  8. Tricia says:

    Or you could drop it into a big tub of dye, and make the whole thing blue!

  9. Eve Dixon says:

    Marguerite, I am sorry you were not able to remove the ink. You have the right attitude about the situation though. I have had my own handbag experience in that after spending what felt like hours in the leather store, I found a handbag that suited the everyday look I needed and at the same time comfortably fit my kindle…for me that too is non-negotiable as everywhere I go, if there is a moment, such as waiting in line at the grocery story, I’ll whip out my kindle and start reading! At the same time I also purchased the spray that is supposed to protect and preserve the leather. I got home and sprayed the bag and put it away to dry.

    The next day I checked on the bag and indeed it had dried…gasp…spotty! I had yet to use the bag and already it was ruined…at least that was my first thought! After my initial shock, I shook it off, shrugged my shoulders and thought oh well now its got “character”! This is how I try to view all “disasters”…I have found if you figuratively take a step back and change your perspective, you have a different and usually more positive view!

    For the future, may I suggest something that I do? I bought, at the dollar store no less, a student’s pencil holder (you know the zippered plastic “envelope” looking case) and in it I have several pens (you can’t have too many because they tend to “disappear”), mechanical pencils, highlighters and all my colored sharpies). You can pick up and drop the case in whatever bag you may be using.


  10. Marguerite Orane says:

    Thanks for your comment Eve. And great suggestion re: pencil holder – what a great idea! Heading to dollar store now!