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The kindness of feeding the homeless … or a squirrel

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squirrel eatingWatering the plants on my bay window, I glanced up and noticed a squirrel scooting along the little garden fence beneath the window. Disney-cute, he halted, looked up at me, and continued his journey to my front door. I called Victoria to look.

“Oh Mummy, that’s Shane’s squirrel. He comes to the front door every day and Shane feeds him nuts”.

I posted the story on Facebook and was surprised at comments that warned how awful squirrels can be, to be careful and that they are aggressive, insidious “rats with bushy tails” just waiting to take over my home.

Sigh. Yes. I know all of that. But my point was not about the actual feeding of the squirrel, but my delight and joy that I have reared a man-child who is kind and caring. My heart melted at his sweetness.

It reminds me of Mr. Arnold Abbott, the 90-year old gentleman in Florida who was arrested for feeding the homeless “illegally” – (click here to see story). Perhaps the people who made the law see the homeless as little more than “rats with bushy tails” – vermin, pests, aggressors to be gotten rid of and shown no kindness, at least not in public places. But Mr. Abbott continues his labour of love.

I don’t see much difference between Mr. Abbott and Shane. I hope that when Shane is 90 years old he will be feeding the homeless, or anyone in need, regardless of the consequences. I hope that his kindness will not be fettered by the fear of others. I hope that he will continue his journey on this planet of being a kind, caring human being. And I hope that those who see “vermin”, whether squirrels or in homeless people, will instead see a web of life where all are connected and co-dependent.

What’s the purpose of a squirrel? Perhaps it’s only food for something – some other creature higher up on the food chain. And what’s the purpose of man? Who knows? Could very well be “food for something” too? Or maybe, it is to show kindness, love and respect for all living creatures.

(Now if I could just get Shane to do the dishes …..)


3 Responses to “The kindness of feeding the homeless … or a squirrel”
  1. Lammi says:

    Lol @ getting Shane to do the dishes.

  2. Nicole DuBoulay says:

    I enjoyed reading this article today, Marguerite. Helps us all think of our responsibilities as parents. Have a great day.

  3. Marguerite Orane says:

    Thank you Nicole. Also I hope helps us to think about our responsibilities as human beings