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Just reboot

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Lap TopMy normally very punctual coachee was late for our Skype call. He eventually called on my landline to explain that he wasn’t able to login to Skype, as his password was not being accepted. “Try rebooting” I advised. He did. It worked.

Sometimes we just need to reboot our lives. To shut down and start again. When we find ourselves frantically trying to solve the same problems over and over, or seemingly eternally absorbed in one crisis or another, the simplest thing is to STOP and reboot.
When we reboot our computer, we turn the power off and then restart the operating system. We can take the same approach when things are not going right in our lives. Switch off. Get quiet for a few moments. Turn back on.

If our health is in crisis, we can reboot by detoxing, and then switch back on to healthier food choices. This morning for example, tired of the last few days of “fighting” the flu, I rebooted with a concoction of lemon juice, honey, garlic, cinnamon. I already feel the flu fleeing my body. I will drink this throughout the day as I reboot my health.

What about our finances? Financial problems are a big source of worry and confusion. Stop spending. Take a look at how you spend. Now reboot some new habits. Love life feeling loveless? Stop. Reboot.

Like the startup of our computers, it takes time. Just as the whirring sound that tells us the computer is rebooting gives us a sense of calm, rebooting our lives also brings us emotions of peace.

Whatever is not working in your life today, stop and reboot.


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