Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Gift on My Pillow

Nadine McNeil - Love is

Part of my morning “centering” routine is to read and contemplate the reading in the Daily Word magazine.  There are magical moments when I am SURE the reading was written JUST for me on for that particular day. There are others that give me insight, a new thought or a new perspective.   And then there are those that are so deep, so beautiful, so simple, so divinely wise that they reach into the core of my soul.  This reading is one such entry (it is no accident that the Bible verse quoted is my ABSOLUTE favourite.  I used to have it as a greeting on my phone and friends would call just to hear it!)  So inspirational is this Daily Word reading that I have decided to share it in its entirety. 

What is the gift that you found on your pillow this morning?

Centered in God, I realize my life is a wonderful gift.

Each morning there is a gift on my pillow, waiting to be unwrapped. As soon as I open my eyes I see it — a bright new day has dawned. The best thing about this gift is that I get to make it whatever I choose.

I begin with gratitude, giving thanks for my life, my breath and the possibilities of a new beginning. I go about my activities with enthusiasm, noticing love and beauty and laughter. If a conflict arises, I bring what I choose to the situation. I add compassion, forgiveness and understanding.

Filled with gratitude for the joy of being alive, I conclude my day with prayer and meditation. I close my eyes and I am restored by a night of peaceful rest.

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.–Psalm 118:24



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