Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mind Your Own Business

free and laughing at the laundromat

Focus on your own abundance, your own dreams, the reality you are creating. Don’t focus on others – wondering how they can afford, what they have, how they spend their money, how they live their lives. That is their business. When you focus on others, you are dispersing energy on things that do not serve you. What is the sense in examining others’ lives? All you are doing is setting yourself up for comparison, judgement and envy. These are not helpful emotions, and they undermine your life.

Your business is simply to create your most magnificent life! Are you being selfish to focus like this on your life? Not at all. The better your life is, the more satisfied you are with your accomplishments, the better you are able to serve and help others. Keep focused on your own business and you will harness your energy like an arrow from a bow to achieve whatever you desire.


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