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How to deal with the button-pushers in your life

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Knowing which buttons to press

There are times when people push our buttons, vaulting us into all sorts of out-of-control and undesirable states. And if these people push our buttons often enough, even the mere thought of them causes our buttons to go off. They have done absolutely nothing. But we are in a state. And we act accordingly; thinking, saying and doing things that are not in alignment with our good. We have ceded control of our emotions and actions to someone else.

I have met many button-pushers in my life. This little mantra always helps me: “Take the high road and be courteous”. “Taking the high road” does not mean that I am positioning myself as better than anyone. It just means that I am realigning myself with my own values of love and respect. It means I am putting myself above the fray and the drama. From this place, I can remember to respond with courtesy. A simple and genuine “Thank you”, “I appreciate …”, a smile, can go a long way in releasing my button. Does it have an effect on the button-pusher? Sometimes, sometimes not. But that does not matter. What does matter is that I no longer present my button to be pushed, and said pusher therefore has no choice but to be on his or her merry way to push someone else’s buttons.

Be aware of the button pushers in your life. And then “take the high road and be courteous”.


6 Responses to “How to deal with the button-pushers in your life”
  1. Nicole DuBoulay says:

    Marguerite, this is spot on for me, I will surely remember to take the high rode and be ever so courteous, all the time. Did so just yesterday actually and it worked wonders.

  2. Marguerite Orane says:

    Yes, Nicole, this approach works wonders. It TOTALLY unhinges the other person!



  3. Clarecia says:


    I really enjoyed this post as I recently became aware that I have been letting people push my buttons. I notice in your post you said “I no longer present my button to be pushed” – how do you do that?


  4. Marguerite Orane says:

    Hi Clarecia

    So happy this blog was of help to you. How do I not present my button to be pushed? Number of ways – physically stay out of the way of the button pushers; emotionally stay out of the way by detaching from whatever they are saying/doing (that’s why I use “whatever” a lot) and also just staying centered and focused on who I am and what I am about – and lastly – seeing beyond their behaviour to their inner spirit. I sometimes visualise them surrounded by light. Try any/all and let me know how it works! And have a button-pusher-free (and laughing) day!




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