Friday, December 15, 2017


Journaling - a powerful tool


Like millions of people the world over, you are probably thinking about or actually engaged in setting New Year’s resolutions. Forget last year, the goals you send and didn’t achieve (yet again). This is is a NEW year, the year when things WILL change for you. Or so we all say.

We are bombarded with teaching that tell us that:

“Whatever you can conceive and believe, you will achieve” “As a man thinketh, so is he” “What you think about is what you attract”

Yet, as we take stock of the past year, we wonder – if it is so simple, why haven’t our dreams come true? Why aren’t we all millionaires? Why don’t we yet have the healthy, fit and toned bodies we want? Why don’t we all have the perfect man/woman as our life mate? Why are we not actually manifesting the lives we think about, journal about, set intentions for? Surely it is not for want of thinking about these things – even setting definite goals and making detailed action plans. So what is the problem?

CLARITY. Or absence of it. My questions to you are: What do you really want? What are the deepest longings in your heart? What will really make you happy and fulfilled?

Until you are very clear on these, you will continue to be frustrated in saying you want this or that and it not manifesting in your life. For perhaps the “this or that” is not really what you want right now.

This year, this day, my wish for you is CLARITY. To become clear on what YOU desire to be, do and have – NOT the politically correct things. NOT the societal inculcations of what is good and necessary and what “success” in life on this planet means. Clarity about what deeply satisfies your soul, what makes your heart sing with joy and what you are truly grateful for.

May the Light shine on your today. May the Light within you shine pure and true to light your path and enlighten your being.


One Response to “Clarity”
  1. Marlo Facey says:

    True words. Simply receiving clarity brings a certain level of joy and peace even if you have not yet reached the place where you want to be.