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How to turn “time wasted” into time well-spent

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“That was a total waste of my time” I muttered to myself.

I had just completed a meeting with a large multinational here in Toronto to “pitch” my Executive Coaching services. The meeting had not gone as I had intended. It got more and more painful as the minutes laboured on. I was not connecting with the gentleman with whom I was meeting, and I knew I was not making a good impression. Further, he questioned my coaching capability and relegated me to the “hundreds of resumes that I have on file”. I had spent at least 4 hours preparing, 1 hour getting myself ready, 1 hour getting to the meeting, 45 minutes in the meeting and now another 1 hour or so to return home. 8 hours! One whole day – wasted! I was pretty angry with myself for throwing away my precious time in this way.

As I grumbled my way to the subway station, I came to a moment of consciousness and observed myself. And in that moment I shifted my perspective from “What a waste of time” to “Where is the learning?”  Every moment is precious and to get the value from the moment, I realized I must shift. Instead of making judgemental statements, it would be much more empowering to ask myself some questions:  1. What were the lessons that these 8 hours of my time was teaching me? 2. Was the time spent in alignment with my life values and intentions? 3. In hindsight, what indications did I have that this was not the “right” meeting or organization for me? 4. What more information or insight did I now have? 5. What do I now know is NOT for me? 6. How did this experience validate what’s right for me?

As I asked these questions, my mood lifted from self-recrimination to wonder, to joy. The lessons began to flow. I learned some serious lessons about where to focus my business and what to do and not to do to be in alignment with that focus. I learned to listen to the messages that come – example: when the gentleman with who I was meeting asked me to remind him what the meeting was about – so much for HIS excitement and anticipation! I got valuable information about executive coaching. I learned more about how large corporations work. Most importantly, I learned about what gives me joy, by struggling through a painful meeting. And I learned that I could take uncomfortable steps and survive! Most importantly, I was reminded that when I am struggling I am not in the flow of life. If it feels like a struggle – leave and learn the lessons.

The next day I sent an e-mail thanking the gentleman for his time. Inwardly, I also said a huge “Thank you” for the lessons he facilitated.

Today, if there is something that you think is a waste of your time, ask yourself these questions: 1. What are the lessons this use of my time are teaching me? 2. Was the time spent in alignment with my life values and intentions? 3. In hindsight, what indications did I have that this was not “right” for me? 4. What more information or insight do I now have? 5. What do I now know is NOT for me? 6. What do I now know for sure IS for me?

Listen to the answers. You may find that the time you thought you wasted was indeed a great investment in yourself.


10 Responses to “How to turn “time wasted” into time well-spent”
  1. Nadine A Marriott says:

    Everything has a positive effect!! Just look for it!

  2. Jacquie says:

    What a great reminder this has been for me Marguerite. Thanks!!

  3. Marguerite Orane says:

    So true Nadine. So often we default to the negative and wonder why our lives are full of struggle and pain. When we seek the positive, we will find it.

    Blessings always!


  4. Marguerite Orane says:

    Yes Jacquie – was a good lesson for me too!

  5. Diana says:

    I so needed to read this right now Marguerite. Definitely hit a nerve over here! Thanks, as usual. xoxo

  6. Marguerite Orane says:

    You’re welcome Diana. It hit a nerve with me too when I realised what I woke up from my unconscious state and really observed myself.



  7. Love this Marguerite. This is a beautiful example of the power we have to choose in every moment. By practicing conscious awareness and exercising our freedom to choose what we focus on, we can truly live lives of joy and peace!

  8. Marguerite Orane says:

    Thanks Helen. Yes, it’s about becoming conscious of when we are unconscious. Only then do we have the power to choose. And that’s when the “struggle” stops and we flow into life. Sometimes, in becoming conscious of our unconsciousness, we beat up on ourselves – no need to do that, because then we are staying in the past. I just try to say “Cho … ah nuh nutten” and move on (for my non-Jamaican blog fans – “it’s nothing”)

    All love and blessings to you


  9. Marlo Facey says:

    So true..just today I read something that says: ‘do not worry about anything’ and I stopped to figure out if that is really really possible. And in that moment I actually got a lovely and joyful feeling of what it means to put away ALL worries. Unfortunately, it only lasted for about 25 seconds. But I am determined to get back that feeling and hold on to it for dear life.

  10. Marguerite Orane says:

    Treasure the 25 seconds Marlo! If you can do it for 25 seconds, then you have the power to do it again and for longer.