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  Did you ever realize that the word “LISTEN” has the same letters as “SILENT”? How profound. Listening is a skill that is fundamentally important to the success of any and all relationships – love, business, family, friendship. Yet most of us have a very, very hard time really LISTENING. Speaking is vaunted as a […]

How to turn “time wasted” into time well-spent

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“That was a total waste of my time” I muttered to myself. I had just completed a meeting with a large multinational here in Toronto to “pitch” my Executive Coaching services. The meeting had not gone as I had intended. It got more and more painful as the minutes laboured on. I was not connecting […]


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“Sorry, not my Thanksgiving Day today” I am so tempted to say this when I am wished “Happy Thanksgiving Day” on this special American holiday.   Thanksgiving Day is not a tradition in my Jamaican culture, and the national Thanksgiving Day in Canada takes place in October.  So why do non-Americans insist on wishing me “Happy […]