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In search of simplicity in your organization – 5 Questions to ask

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A few months ago, in the aftermath of Steve Jobs passing, when all you could read about was what Steve Jobs said/did/was/ate/slept/created/made/designed etc., I came upon this Jobs-gem that so captivated me that I wrote it on a 3” x 5” card which I keep on my desk beside – what else?  My Macbook:   […]

Laughter SERIOUSLY matters

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  LAUGHTER …..Babies do it about 300 times per day.  Adults do it on average 15 times.  Those of us who love dogs, know that they do it too – ALL THE TIME.  And monkeys and even rats do it.   Where do you land on the laughter spectrum of dogs (all the time) and […]

How I wrote my book – with ease, grace and joy

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  I am often asked how I wrote my book and if it was a tedious, painstaking and horrendous process.  It was not.  Indeed, it was a wonderful experience that I remember with joy, because, as I tell people – I did not set out to write a book.  I was simply creating a super […]