Saturday, December 16, 2017

The secret to learning fast ….

As I trudged my way to the bunny slope for my second ski lesson, I watched a 4 year old boy walking with his dad, stoop down, grab a handful of snow, place it in his mouth and then continue on his journey, much joy and delight on his little face.  Throughout the morning I […]

How to be happy at work

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Be happy first – as a leader, you have to turn up happy.  Take ownership of your own joy in life – and show it! Stop complaining – complaints are the theives of happiness.  Whenever you catch yourself complaining, think instead “What can I do to fix this”?  If there is nothing you think you […]

Hallelujah – Harvard Business Review has finally got it!

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  As I strolled through the airport yesterday en route to Jamaica, my eyes were drawn repeatedly to the latest issue of Harvard Business Review – the one with the BIG smiley face on it and the headline: “The Value of Happiness: How Employee Well-being Drives Profits” –   Well well well ….  Happy […]

“What are you going to do different this year” – continued ……

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I received some great responses to my blog – among them one from Sarita Rowe, a friend and fellow free-and-laughing  soul who is committed to helping people achieve total wellness – check her out at:   I thought I would share her list of things that you can do differently in the area of […]

“What are you going to do different this year”?

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“What are you going to do different this year”? asked Rev. John, my spiritual counselor, in my usual meeting with him whenever I visit Jamaica.  Frankly, I could not answer.  Yes, me, the focused, action-oriented optimist was stumped.  I looked at him blankly, mouth open and finally muttered “I don’t know”.   I have been […]