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Running Sisterhood

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Running is the most natural of human impulses – babies crawl, walk and then run.  Once they know about running, they never stop – buzzing everywhere at breakneck speed until some adult says “Careful” “Stop” or “Don’t”!  And that’s the beginning of the end of the joy of running for most of us.  Heard enough […]

Are our choices really that simple?

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I love Facebook conversations.  They lead to the most interesting places.  Here is one that really resonated with me, and got me thinking (and taking action):   My Status: “And there I am, sipping a $4.95 Mochaccino, and 600,000 Somalian children are dying of starvation ….”   FACEBOOK FRIEND RC: Rid yourself of the guilt…you’re […]

Of national crises …. and weeding

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I wrote this blog last year May, when there was political turmoil in Jamaica.  I never posted it.  Today, with London burning and stock markets tumbling, it seems just as relevant – my reminder to myself to hold a place of peace.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As the political crisis in my homeland Jamaica took a turn […]