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Preparing to lead – The List

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So many of my readers have requested “the list” to which I referred in my previous blog.  I am delighted to share it.  Bear in mind that it was prepared as a prelude to facilitating a workshop.  However, can you see its application to the daily task of leading? Prepare, prepare, prepare! Being fully prepared […]

Reaching the next peak of your leadership

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Two weeks ago I was a conference presenter at the International Association of Facilitators annual North America conference in Denver, Colorado.  My workshop, which I co facilitated with my friend Sandra Cooper, was about “Getting Participants Into the Spirit”. Guided by the Conference Theme: “Facilitation at a Higher Level: Reaching the Next Peak” the description […]

Dream big dreams ….. take small steps

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I love big dreams.  I love big dreamers!  Martin Luther King – who dreamed that one day, soon, everyone would be free and united in love, regardless of race, colour or creed.  Sir Richard Branson who dreamed of flying around the world in a balloon, and of commercial travel into space; Bill Gates who dreams […]

Mango-bliss – how to eat a mango the right way!

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Have you ever had an experience where you felt like you have transcended and gone to heaven even as you know you are still on this earthly plane?  For me, eating a mango the right way creates such an experience – one of pure bliss.   What is a mango? I am not sure where […]

“Work is love made visible”

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  As you can see from the above photo, I was delighted beyond all measure at a lovely surprise.  I was facilitating a workshop with Island Grill, a longstanding client, two weeks ago.  In the middle of the workshop, Thalia, the CEO said “We have something for you” and presented me with a citation that reads: […]