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“The only person you meet is you”

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Have you ever caught yourself giving someone great advice and then realizing that what you are saying to them applies to you?  That what they are experiencing is your own experience?  And that the advice you are giving them is exactly what you need at that moment? It is said that “the only person you […]

The King’s Speech – 4 lessons for leaders

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I watched the movie “The King’s Speech” mesmerized by the sterling performances by all the actors, but particularly Colin Firth as the stuttering King George.   Imagine, a two-hour long movie with its climax being a halting 3-minute speech given by the King of England at the start of the Second World War.   No blood, no […]

Love is …. sharing from my friend Nadine

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You may consider me lazy this morning.  But I HAD to share this, for no words emanating from me could say it better.  From my friend Nadine McNeil comes these words on LOVE! Happy Valentine’s Day to my free and laughing community!  Today and every day remember that there is One Mind One Heart […]

How long is a “moment”?

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It is the thing these days to “be in the present moment”.  How long is a moment?  Is it a minute?  A second?  30 seconds?  A day? A moment is not a matter of time as measured by the human clock.  The dictionary describes it as “an indefinitely short period of time”.  I also find […]

“No expectations; no disappointments” – 4 simple steps to freedom at work, home and play

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“Why do I get so upset at work when my co-workers don’t live up to my expectations”?  asked one of the participants in a coaching workshop I facilitated last week. “No expectations, no disappointments” I flippantly replied “You mean you should NOT have expectations”? asked another “But surely you must, otherwise how will things get […]