Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Next Top Spiritual Author competition – round 2 is ON and I am in it!

Yes friends, I made it through to Round 2 – so now it’s time to vote AGAIN!  Just click this link – if you voted in Round 1, then it’s easy to login and vote.  If you haven’t voted before, then you will need to go through a little registration process – but don’t worry, […]

The TRUTH of Jamaica

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As violence and unrest rage in Kingston, Jamaica – and so many other places in the world – it is good to take the high road, and look with the eyes of love and forgiveness.  I share this affirmation with you wherever you are in the world – for Jamaica, and for anywhere else where […]

Love is the answer …. now what is the question?

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My island home of Jamaica is facing a political crisis the likes of which it has never seen. Frankly, the crisis has been brewing and escalating for decades.  But we have managed to stay in a place of denial, warmed by the lovely sea and mountain breezes, blinded by the hot, bright sunlight, comforted by […]

Dreaming on Mother’s Day …..

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Words of wisdom from my friend Garth Delapenha.  Serious thoughts and dreams on this Mother’s Day.  For non-Jamaicans, you may not recognise some of the people or the places, but you get the sentiment …. Let’s all dream today, and hold the dream alive for all the babies of the world!  That’s what mothers are […]

4 Life Lessons from The Harmonica Man

“Andy Mackie is The Harmonica Man. Andy has survived 10 heart surgeries and numerous heart attacks but his love of music and teaching kids music keeps him going. Andy Mackie is sharing a remarkable gift and I\'m sure will be missed by many when his heart finally quits” via The Harmonica Man. As I watched […]

This is IT! Today’s the day! Now is the time!

This is IT!!!! Feeling a sense of excitement as I look forward to moving to the second round of the Next Top Spiritual Author Competition. Voting for this round closes at 11.59 p.m. tonight.  Let’s leave NOTHING to chance – VOTE for your favourite Spiritual Author (hopefully it’s me – lol) and encourage your friends […]