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I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and kindness to our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  It is beautiful to see the press coverage, to feel the real pain of the reporters, to watch the Haitian people helping each other, to see the planes and ships being loaded and heading to Haiti, to see […]

Haiti – how in the world do you remain free and laughing in the face of such devastation?

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I returned home last night to find this e-mail from my sister: Here from Jeanguy in Haiti (Facebook – give thanks!)….”Lycee” is High School I love you all , I am alive … I’m very sad for Haiti , for all these girls from Lycee Marie, all these people dying …and I couldn’t do anything […]

Ryan’s Wisdom

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I am sharing this message from my Facebook friend, Ryan, who is the 18 year old son of one of my dearest friends from business school.  I continue to be in awe of the youth of today in general, and of Ryan in particular.  He is showing wisdom beyond his years (I was NOT that […]

Free and laughing at the laundromat

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A note from my Facebook friend Jaci.  A great example of how a small shift in one’s state radiates outward, magnifies and can change a situation.  Just think what could have happen if Jaci had “blasted”!  Instead, she laughed and there was a different outcome – win/win for all! Happy New Year, Marguerite! 🙂 True […]

All is good today – and always

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Imagine returning on New Year’s Day to Toronto (-10 Celsius) from 12 days in Jamaica (+30 Celsius) to find that the radiator in your home is not working!  Remember, this is a public holiday, with nowhere open.  You do not know how to get the radiator fixed, as you have never had to have a […]