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How to … move doggies from Jamaica to Canada with ease, grace and joy

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Betty, Cloud and Itsy out for a walk in Toronto

Betty, Cloud and Itsy out for a walk in Toronto

One of my daily affirmations over the past 6 or so months has been: “The dogs move safely and happily to Canada with ease, grace and joy”.  Each morning I have repeated this affirmation, sometimes adding a visualisation of their journey and life here, sometimes a prayer of gratitude, sometimes a quiet meditation.

My words have come to pass.  The dogs arrived in Canada safely and happily on Friday night.  And they have settled in with ease, grace and joy, already adjusting to their routine of daily walks, squirrel watching, snoozing on the sofa or in the kitchen and curling up at night to sleep in their kennel.

Everything unfolded in the most beautiful and perfect way.  The children and I moved in August.  I decided that the dogs would come up in early October.  Would you believe that shortly after I moved to Canada a client in Jamaica asked me to do a workshop in Jamaica at the end of September?  And so my word of “I am bringing up the dogs in early October” came to pass – we all flew up on October 2.  The perfect boarding facility emerged – it was so perfect that my sister christened it the “Happy Dog Motel” when she first visited the doggies there.  I was clear to the kennel owner that the doggies had to learn to walk on leash and sleep in a kennel, something they had never had to do in the spaciousness and freedom of our previous home.   So their 5 weeks in the kennel was a time of adjustment and transition.  The doggies required Health and Export Certificates.  Despite a few hiccups, that too happened with ease and grace – or perhaps, I just decided to accept whatever happened with ease and grace.  Anyway, they got the certificates.  The folks at Air Canada were just wonderful – I was assured on the ground and in the air that my doggies were safe and sound.  There was a wonderful porter on duty at Pearson who calmly and happily loaded my 2 suitcases and 2 kennels and ushered me through Canadian Customs.  Within 1 hour of landing we were in a taxi on our way home.

How did this experience enfold and manifest so perfectly?  How do I make this happen in all areas of my life?  Here’s my 7-step process:

  1. Be clear on what you want.  Visualise the process and the outcome, in particular the emotions surrounding the outcome.  I would often visualise the joyous reunion of the doggies and my children, seeing the happiness on their faces and feeling the joy of the moment.  I visualised verbally, silently and in my journal
  2. Have a short, easily memorised affirmation to repeat throughout the day.  Whenever any niggling thoughts or concerns surfaced, I would go back to the mantra and repeat it over and over until I could feel in my body that my faith was renewed.
  3. Take action – make plans and start moving
  4. Be flexible – view any seeming setback as a message that there is a better way
  5. Do not listen to naysayers!  There will be lots of people who are happy to relate horror stories – don’t listen to them.  When they are talking, repeat your affirmation
  6. TRUST the process.  TRUST the outcome.
  7. Be grateful  – express gratitude for the manifestation in advance.  That way you are demonstrating your belief and conviction that your desire is already a reality

This whole experience is a reminder of the power of my word when backed with faith and trust.   The 7-step process above is one that we can all use in all areas of our lives to create the experiences that bring us joy!   When we follow this process, it will seem magical – it isn’t – it’s just the way things work when we speak and word and believe.


5 Responses to “How to … move doggies from Jamaica to Canada with ease, grace and joy”
  1. Diana Chen says:

    Hi! So glad all went well. I am cutting and pasting those seven steps and putting them up on my mirror. I love the idea of it and will try it right away!

  2. freeandlaughing says:

    Great Diana! It was a good reminder for me too, that the steps will work in all aspects of my life. Let me know how it works for you!



  3. David says:


    I just read your blog about moving the doggies with ease and grace to Canada. Both blogs (this and the one about our core) touched me in a special way today. Today, I was chosen as a VP for technology company today. It came after I kept saying, in an unstructured way, that I wanted to work for a global company. Now, all of the “little” fears that I had pushed aside during the journey to this point have come running up to me. I’m suddenly feeling overwhelmed with thoughts of this new area (this is outside of my comfort zone) and the responsibilities it carries. Your 7 steps are a reminder to me that I have to focus on the positive outcome and enjoy the process that I no doubt will go through.

    Thank you for taking the time to write both blogs. You truly inspired me today.


  4. Lola says:

    Extremely useful advice Marguerite; you are certainly ‘spot on’ when you say these steps can be used for all aspects of one’s life. I especially love the affirmation step; I see it as affirming my faith in my Creator. Right now I am job hunting and I have started affirming that I have gotten that job that I am searching for.

  5. Desiree says:

    Marguerite, thanks for sharing these steps with us! I try not to worry about my doggies when I am at work and they are locked in their kennel at home! Because I was home for a while and with them from birth to six months. I started back working two months ago and I have to lock them up for their safety but it hurts my heart every morning and I can’t wait for the evening and weekends to take them for their walk. But they are such grateful doggies! They just look forward each day to me coming home and I am sure I see the smiles on their faces!!!!!!!

    But yes the 7 steps can apply to all aspects of our lives!