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Cure for cancer?

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Here’s an interesting article on curing cancer.  I have always been fascinated by those in the medical profession who dismiss the importance of nutrition in preventing/curing dis-ease.  It seems counterintuitive to believe that we take stuff into our bodies throughout everyday, but that this “stuff” has no impact on our health and wellbeing!  Yet, in […]

What a way to go! What a way to live!

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One of Jamaica’s most beloved and talented playwrights, Trevor Rhone, made his transition on Monday.  I was lucky enough to have known him, as he was a man of great wit, humility and elegance. There is a story around his passing – he went to Bella’s Gate, his childhood home deep in rural Jamaica on […]


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This is one of the most beautiful poems ever written – it is a prayer of gratitude for the most fundamental things in life! LITANY By George Campbell I hold the splendid daylight in my hands Inwardly grateful for a lovely day. Thank you life. Daylight like a fine fan spread from my hands Daylight […]

Missing Jamaican coffee

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Everyone who knows me, knows that I am an inveterate, unapologetic coffee drinker.  Every new study that pronounces that coffee is good for your health, is heralded by me and spread far and wide to all!  “See?  I always told you coffee is good for you”. My sister and I are also known as brewers […]