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“If you need help, call me”

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“Remember, if u need any help call me. I know u are very independent, knowledgeable and resourceful, but call me all the same – for anything – to laugh – to cry – to gripe when homesickness hits” wrote Marcia, my friend from high school. I hadn’t been in touch with Marcia since we graduated […]

Facing the new and unknown – rest first!

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I migrated to Canada on Monday. For the first time in my life, I purchased a one-way ticket. This is a huge step, for not only have I moved, my teenagers have also moved with me. It is a big step for my entire family – including my dogs who will be joining us soon! […]

Jamaican athletics moving forward

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I wrote this last year after Jamaica’s performance in the Beijing Olympics. I am repeating it, after Jamaica’s performance in the Berlin World Championships. The calls for “government to do this and government to do that” are getting louder – I take a different view, as I observe something really interesting. Read on …. Much […]

Usain Bolt – “That’s just me”

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I wrote this blog one year ago, after Usain Bolt’s amazing performance at the Olympic Games in Beijing. Watching him shatter his own world record in the 100m at the World Championships in Berlin yesterday – relaxed, joking, sparring, having fun – I was reminded that yes, Bolt is a mind-boggling athlete, but it is […]

Panic …. then peace

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I awoke yesterday morning at 4.45 a.m. in a panic. The day before I had moved my furniture and released my dogs, Daisy and Mufasa, to their new owner. Now, I realized, I was really moving to Canada. A rush of seemingly limitless “things to do before I leave” flooded my brain, juxtaposed with the […]

Nothing is ever lost …. but my money was stolen!

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There is a chapter in my book, “Free and Laughing: Spiritual Insights in Everyday Moments” entitled “Nothing is ever lost”. In this chapter I reflect on the nature of our divinely ordered Universe, which deems that everything is in its divinely ordered place and can therefore not be lost. “Nothing is ever lost” is a […]

My Hairstory

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“Your dreads are so beautiful” a new acquaintance said to me “Is it just style or is it something more?” “Oh, just style” I responded flippantly, by now used to comments like this. Yet, I realize that my locks are NOT just style. Yes, they are done using Sisterlocks, a very scientific locking technique. But […]