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Me vs. swine flu

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“World vs. Swine flu” – Huffington Post “Countries take steps to prevent swine flu outbreak” – CNN “Swine flu fears sweeping the world” – Jamaica Observer “US declares swine flu emergency” – MSN Governments all over the world are rushing to formulate plans to fight this latest strain of the influenza virus. All sorts of […]

Living life full out at 98!

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“How does it feel to be 98 Aunt Clara”?  “Great” was the response. The simplicity of the word belied the power of the emotion, for it was said with such a smile (see photo above and you will know what I mean) that you just KNOW that it really IS great to be 98 … […]

Because she asked ….

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    Photo: Kedija with the book she asked for I was surrounded by a group of Wolmer’s girls asking for autographs, when one young lady, Kedija approached me and boldly and confidently said “May I have that book?” I immediately said “Yes” and handed her the copy of my book that I was holding. […]

Laughing with 800 young ladies!

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Laughing with the young ladies at Wolmer’s I had the amazing and wondrous experience yesterday of laughing with 800 teenagers! The energy of 800 free and laughing young women is intoxicating and energising. When we all threw our hands up in the air and joyously declared “Very good, very good, YAAAY”, it was the sound […]

Small adjustments

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Small adjustments can make big differences. I was reminded of this over the past weekend in two yoga workshops I attended. Each workshop was 3 hours long. Lisa, our teacher, gently and slowly guided us through the intricacies of different poses, revealing little “secrets” to go deeper correctly and without stress or strain. On Sunday, […]

Apache blessing

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I love this Apache blessing, and share it with you today. It acknowledges our interconnectedness with our world, and the beauty and goodness of nature. It is my sincere wish for you. May the sun bring you new energy by day May the moon softly restore you by night May the rain wash away your […]

Exhale, ebb, bust

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I got a call last week from a young woman requesting some time with me to help her work through some life issues. I always say yes to these requests for it is an opportunity for me to help someone. But more deeply I have found that whenever someone approaches me with an issue, it […]

Hold onto nothingness

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“Hold onto nothingness”. Deep into our yoga class, we melted deeply into a variation of the One-legged King Pigeon pose. As we came out of the pose after minutes of being still, Donovan, our yoga teacher asked us to notice that for a moment we had been in a place of nothingness. He exhorted us […]

The First Dog

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Bo Obama – the First Dog Itsy and Betti – two of MY First Dogs! The moment we (at least all dog lovers) have been waiting for has finally arrived – Bo Obama has made his appearance at the White House. I am so delighted for Sasha and Malia that they have finally got the […]

Creating amazing experiences

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Over the past few months my sister and I have been clearing out my mother’s home of all her earthly belongings that she now has no use for. As we have painstakingly sorted through cupboards, drawers, cabinets, boxes and bags, we have had to make a decision for every single item – whether to keep, […]