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I made up a story today

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I made up a story today, and then decided to change the script. Here’s what happened: Everyone in Jamaica is preparing to greet Hurricane Gustav. Realising the imminence of the storm, I offered to drop the lady who does my ironing to her home. She lives in what we in Jamaica call “di ghetto”. As […]

Facebook ego

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Yesterday I opened my Inbox to see this Facebook message: “Smile! You were recorde by a hidden camera” Followed by this message: “I see you in this video. When was it?” I immediately clicked on the link and tried to open the video. I should have known something was wrong when it would not open. […]

Relax and focus

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“I didn’t know I was going to run so fast,” he said. “But I came out to be a champion, and I was. I just tried to stay relaxed. I’m always relaxing. That’s the way to go so fast: relax and just focus” – Usain Bolt   Will I ever tire of watching Usain Bolt winning […]

The Apartheid Museum

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I am back home in Jamaica reflecting on my recent trip to South Africa. One of the amazing things about the country is the buzz of hope and possibilities. Everywhere you go, despite the acknowledged challenges and hardships, you feel the energy of hope. One of the highlights of the trip was my visit to […]

Long live the Kumina King and Queen!

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Last night I attended a performance of the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica (NDTC). As I settled into my seat, I glanced at the programme and noted with glee that the performance would close with my favourite NDTC work, Kumina. I consider it a masterpiece and never tire of it. I have seen Kumina […]

The hug

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During my visit to NYC last week, my cousin Cantu and I arranged to meet at the Barnes and Noble bookstore to kickoff our marathon shopping afternoon. As Victoria and I walked into the store, we all waved happily and energetically “Here I am” and flew into each other’s open welcoming arms for a long, […]


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We had a “cousins reunion” in NYC last night at dinner. No gathering with me in New York is complete without my friend Eliz. She is family – not just to me but to my cousins as well. Eliz and I figured out, with much exclamation, astonishment, surprise, denial and pride, that we have been […]