Friday, December 15, 2017

Dealing or healing?

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“How are you” my yoga teacher asked last night as I arrived for class. She knows of a particular challenge I have been having recently with my left wrist. “Fine” I responded “Except I am still dealing with my wrist”. She quipped “Not dealing: healing”. What a difference a letter makes! From “d” to “h”: […]


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Today is Ann’s birthday. We have been friends since we met in kindergarten at 3 years old – almost 50 years ago! She was my first friend, and has remained a dear and treasured sister through the years. Ann and I played our way through childhood – climbing trees, exploring gullies, gorging on the mangoes, […]


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I was present last night to the most delightful dining experience. I am in Trinidad and my son Marc who now lives there, and I were meeting for dinner. As Marc drove through the streets of Port-of Spain, I asked “Where are we going?” “I don’t know” he responded. Yet he drove with a sense […]