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Celebrating my brother’s birthday

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My brother Douglas is 60 years old today. As I look at him, I see a powerful, vibrant, accomplished man celebrating 60 years of incredible achievement. Yes, there is less hair, and the hair that remains is increasingly grey – but perhaps that’s to signify the wisdom that he is now expressing. A lifetime of commitment to good nutrition and various forms of exercise from Tae Kwondo to running to walking to yoga to pilates have made his body muscled, firm and strong. Years of managing a back injury have given him perfect posture – upright and unslouching. So most people, when I mention to them that he is celebrating his 60th birthday, express disbelief. They see his vibrancy, not his years, or their perception of what “60 years” should look like!

Doug, or Baba, as I have always affectionately called him, is an example to me of how to live a disciplined life. He approaches everything in a rigourous, methodical way. It infuriates some, for it brings endless questioning in an effort to get a full understanding, but I have always admired this way of being. It is something less developed in me that I want to emulate. I love to watch his enquiring mind at work as he absorbs a problem and works through the many possibilities to the solution. It is fascinating! On the other hand, he appreciates my more “off the cuff”, intuitive way of looking at things, so we have these great conversations of logic and method matched with intuition – all grounded in the unconditional love and appreciation that we have for each other.

My brother is also my greatest supporter – he is a rock for me, there through thick and thin. His sage advice is always treasured. When I share my challenges with him, he applies that same rigour and I get a new and different perspective and insight.

I observe him growing into his spirituality. I notice in recent photographs that his eyes have a twinkle, and that he is smiling more often than not. He has become more patient and accepting. He is calmer and is learning more and more to let go, release and relax. Of course, even in his relaxing, he is methodical, so he plans his vacations and moments of rest to the “T”!

Sometimes I notice myself giving a speech and I feel as if I am he, for my hand gestures are just like his. We share so much – a love and passion for business, and a desire to do things differently, to venture out of the box, and bring kindness, gentleness and genteelness to the workplace. We share a commitment to serving humanity. We share a commitment to making a difference in people’s lives.

It is wonderful to have my brother as my soulmate. Today I celebrate his 60th birthday, knowing that his life has just begun, that his sacred journey is truly blessed. I give thanks that I had the wisdom to choose him as my brother, my sacred travelling partner.


2 Responses to “Celebrating my brother’s birthday”
  1. Alia says:

    This is really touching Margie. I also admire everything about my father, and all that he has achieved. He is my role model…and everyday I notice how much I am becoming more and more like him. It is kind of scary. I really can’t hide! hahahahahahhaha! 🙂

  2. Marguerite Orane says:


    Come to think of it, you really ARE a lot like him – even though you come from a creative field and he from an engineering bent, I see the similarities! “Fruit don’t fall far from tree!”

    Love you