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Grandma is a diva!

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With preparations for my mother’s birthday party in full swing yesterday, my daughter Victoria, taking note of all the attention being lavished on the occasion, declared “Grandma is a real diva”. I agreed wholeheartedly with her, and pointed out that grandma deserved to be so. This came back to me when I was reading the […]

Free and Laughing – the book!

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If you love the blogs, you will love the book “Free and Laughing: Spiritual Insights in Everyday Moments” by me, Marguerite Orane. I published this book as a 90th birthday gift for my mother Daisy. “Free and Laughing” is now available in Jamaica at: Chronicles in Manor Park Liguanea Drug and Garden, C-Mart in Liguanea […]

"Second Childhood"

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As has been the tradition in my household for the past eight years, my mother is spending Christmas with us. It is always a beautiful experience for all generations – my mother, me and my children. The children bond with their grandma, learning more and more about her – her childhood, her upbringing, her views […]

Giving others the opportunity to give

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Recently, my sister was asked by the coach of her son’s school football (soccer) team to provide 30 lunches for the team. They would be preparing for a very important match, and the school canteen was closed on practice day so they would be unable to get lunch. When my sister related the request to […]

Celebrating my brother’s birthday

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My brother Douglas is 60 years old today. As I look at him, I see a powerful, vibrant, accomplished man celebrating 60 years of incredible achievement. Yes, there is less hair, and the hair that remains is increasingly grey – but perhaps that’s to signify the wisdom that he is now expressing. A lifetime of […]