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Meditation as medication

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There is a beautiful, peaceful meditation garden at my home of worship. Enclaved by a ficus hedge, the garden is a sanctuary of trees, flowering plants, waterfalls and fish ponds. Butterflies flutter, bees buzz to and fro from flower to flower and birds sing, in tune with the windchimes that are hung high up in […]


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Calabash is a literary festival held in Calabash Bay, Treasure Beach on the southern coast of Jamaica. Treasure Beach is aptly named – it is a sleepy, peaceful little village surrounded by the most industrious people in Jamaica and the most magnificent scenery. Blue sea, raised bluffs, the rolling Pedro Plains dotted with majestic lignum […]


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I co-facilitated a Prosperity seminar in Trinidad last Saturday. It was an amazing experience. I have always felt this special connection with Trinis – I so enjoy their humour, their joie de vivre, their ability to “make mas” wherever they are, their willingness to connect. In this spirit, the group on Saturday tuned in totally […]

When God Talks

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Last Sunday, there was a flyer in the program at church for a talk by Dadi Janki, the spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris organization, a worldwide movement for enlightenment. I took the flyer out and placed it in my bag. On Monday morning, while packing for my trip to St. Lucia and Trinidad, for […]

Speaking THE truth

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We are often asked to speak the truth. What is the truth? By using “the”, we imply that there is only one truth. However, we find that as we try to express “the” truth, we bring our own experiences and perception into play, so that “the” truth becomes MY truth. When that happens, then we […]