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The Power of NO

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In our quest for manifesting our magnificent potential, we are told to be clear in our intention and to state it positively. “YES” is a very powerful word in anchoring our intentions and signalling to the Universe that YES! We are ready. And yet, we often find that no matter how many times we say […]


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In the arena of love and intimate relationships, we often speak about finding our soulmate. This person, we believe, is THE ONE who will complete us – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. This is THE person with whom we will resonate so totally that we will feel whole and complete. We believe that this person […]

The Rope and The Cross

April 8, 2007 by  
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This Easter morning, I had the delightful experience of the 6.00 a.m. Easter Sunrise morning of worship in dance and music, presented by the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica. One particular dance that I had seen many times resonated with me in a different way this morning. “The Rope and The Cross” depicted the […]