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Nothing is ever lost

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A few nights ago, I could not find my car keys. I was at my mother’s house. I had laid them on her dining table the minute I entered her home. When I was ready to leave, the keys were nowhere to be found. We searched everywhere and everything – the entire living room, the car, my handbag, even the garbage. After about 5 minutes of searching, my wise mother said to me “Marguerite, just sit quietly for awhile”. I impatiently said yes, and continued my frantic search, thinking all the while “where are the keys?”, “where did I last see them?”, “let me retrace my steps”. 15 minutes later, I finally sat down and starting deep breathing. Within only 5 breaths, I jumped up and said “let me check Mummy’s handbag”. Lo and behold – there were the keys in her handbag!

What a lesson in tapping into the wisdom and intelligence of the Universe. For nothing is lost in the Universe. Everything is in its divinely ordered place. When we can’t find something, it is we who are out of place – not the thing we seek! We invariably resort to our thinking mind to find lost things. However, sitting quietly, suspending our thoughts and tapping into our inner wisdom invariably reveals where we are in relation to the thing! If something is in a place where we cannot get to it, the inner voice will tell us so. And life will go on.

I muse – that must be the same thing that happens when we feel lost emotionally; when our feelings, our lives feel out of place. We feel like we don’t know where we are, who we are. We literally feel lost. By applying the same principles of sitting quietly, suspending thoughts, breathing and tuning into our higher self, we will find our Self – or rather, we will know that we were never lost. For nothing is ever lost in the Universe – not my car keys, nor me. I am always in my divinely ordered place. And so is everything else.


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