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Parents and education

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Following is a conversation among 3 generations of women in my family about parental involvement in Jamaican education. Some background – Grandma is my mother (now a vibrant 88 year old), Carole is my sister and Zahra is my niece who is teaching remedial reading at a technical high school in Jamaica. Please note that […]

There is nothing to argue about

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I recently met a most delightful couple who have been married for 17 years. The husband mentioned that they had never had an argument during their marriage. Of course, the group of which I was a part, looked at him incredulously – we didn’t believe him – “Huh! Wonder what your wife would say”. So, […]


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The following article was published today in the Jamaican Gleaner. Enjoy – and leave comments! “Transformation” has become a buzz word in recent times. We hear of “personal transformation”, “organizational transformation”, and most recently “transformation of the education system”. And yet we see so little transformation! Let’s first understand what transformation means. A dictionary definition […]