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Whatever I want I must DO and BE

July 30, 2006 by  
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I am in Miami on a weekend jaunt with my children having a great time staying with cousins. As we tried to get up and about this lazy Sunday morning, I found myself saying repeatedly to the children “Go and get ready”. This went on for over an hour, with my being totally ignored. Then […]

Mother’s role

July 24, 2006 by  
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We all seem to spend much of our lives dealing with our “baggage” or “issues”. Where do these “issues” come from? For all of us, our issues are the sum total of our life experiences – stuff we have gathered on our journey on this plane – and perhaps even stuff we have brought from […]

Moving from fear to love – the missing link

July 22, 2006 by  
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One morning about 4 weeks ago, I was on a run in my neighbourhood. Coming up a hill, I got separated from my running partner. As I huffed and puffed up the hill, I noticed a man on a bicycle. He rode ahead, then kept circling back. I noticed his actions and started to think […]

My Garden

July 16, 2006 by  
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A few months ago I decided to start a vegetable garden. I had visions of feeding my family of four year round and lovingly supplying my family and friends with my bounty. Well, the pak choi and cucumber came up beautifully – for weeks I had fresh green juice every morning and i gave freely […]